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The only ISO 9001 certified agent in Indonesia providing Sourcing, Sourcing Trips, Factory Audits, Product & Sample Development, Packaging & Labelling Testing, Quality Control Inspections, Shipping and consolidation coordination, and more.


With a dedicated team focused on helping your business and providing regular and reliable updates with full transparency and open communication.

Sourcing Indonesia - Sourcing


Sourcing Indonesia provides sourcing services in Java, Bali and throughout Indonesia. We work with hundreds of factories in Indonesia on behalf of our clients so whether clients provide detailed product briefs and drawings or just mood boards and/or general sourcing guidelines, the Sourcing Indonesia team will identify the factories and suppliers best suited for each customer.


Terms and conditions, packaging guidelines, design and branding guidelines and similar information is always helpful for our team to best filter suppliers, and our sourcing team will work closely with your creative and design teams to achieve your sourcing targets and goals.


As part of our sourcing services, Sourcing Indonesia organizes trips for clients who visit Indonesia. Sourcing trips give clients the opportunity to visit multiple factories in a relatively short span of time. Please note, we do not charge for sourcing trips.

Before arrival a preliminary factory list is prepared for review and the SI team meets with factories to discuss any client terms and conditions as well as design guidelinesand other details. After the itinerary is finalized your SI client account manager accompanies you throughout the trip, visiting factories and assisting in discussions and negotiations with suppliers. We can also organize all hotels and domestic flights for the trip and of course will provide a driver and car throughout your entire trip.

Sourcing Indonesia - Sourcing Trips
Sourcing Indonesia - Factory Audits


We provide factory audit services for our clients throughout Indonesia. Prior to engaging with a factory or visiting a facility, we can audit a factory’s social compliance, safety compliance, sustainability standards, etc. to make sure that any vendor meets the audit requirements of your company. We provide full audit reports based on ISO 9001 standards.


Sourcing Indonesia works with factories and suppliers on product development and sampling for a wide variety of products on behalf of our clients. We work closely with our clients’ design and creative teams and then match them with the right suppliers so that the development process is as quick and efficient as possible.  


From start to finish of the product and sample development process, we understand the attention to detail required and our team manages the back-and-forth communication and assist so that the samples are manufactured in a timely manner and to the quality standards required.

Sourcing Indonesia - Custom Design
Sample Dev
Sourcing Indonesia - Packaging & Labeling


With online purchases becoming the norm, the quality and strength of packaging is more critical than ever for most companies. Sourcing Indonesia works closely with each factory to make sure that each and every item has the packaging (quality, strength, reduced eco-impact, etc.) and labeling to match exactly with each client’s packaging guidelines. If you do not have finalized packaging guidelines for your business, Sourcing Indonesia can advise best packaging practices (ISTA1a, ITSTA 3a)  based on product types to make sure your items are ready for online shipping upon arrival at your destination.  



SI provides clients with ongoing production updates throughout the order process and conducts early QC checks to identify any serious production flaws for fixing prior to final stage QC checks.


This provides our clients with regular and reliable updates throughout the production process and peace of mind that production timelines are on schedule.

Sourcing Indonesia - Order Management
Sourcing Indonesia - Quality Control


As an ISO 9001 certified company boasting a team of over 25 dedicated quality control inspectors, Sourcing Indonesia has the finest inspection team in the country. Our meticulous approach involves multiple QC checks dispersed across the production process, encompassing early assessments and several stage-specific final QC evaluations. Each item undergoes thorough inspection, coupled with mandatory MC testing, adhering to ISO standards. We also provide comprehensive final reports in accordance with ISO guidelines to our clients.

After inspections, we collaborate with factories to implement corrective measures post-assessment, ensuring that recurring quality issues are effectively addressed with future orders. If you want to ensure a high level of consistent quality with your products there is no better team to work with in Indonesia.



We collaborate closely with every factory we work with to synchronize shipping schedules and meticulously review shipping documents, ensuring accuracy to prevent delays upon receipt. This includes verifying crucial aspects such as HS codes and FLEGT requirements. Additionally, we oversee container loadings including ensuring priority items (if any) are loaded before less time-sensitive products.

Furthermore, our services encompass comprehensive management of consolidated shipments, guaranteeing prompt delivery at the consolidation point from various suppliers. We have over two decades of experience preparing consolidated shipments for retailers, wholesalers, and hospitality projects. Successfully handling consolidated orders requires attention to detail, effective communication, and precise timing. Our seasoned team excels in streamlining the process, delivering a seamless experience.

Sourcing Indonesia - Shipping
Sourcing Indonesia - Communication


At Sourcing Indonesia we believe that regular and professional communication is the most important service we provide to our clients. All of the above services include this standard of communication from our team at all times so you are always informed of what is going on with your orders on the ground here in Indonesia.


We work with hotels, restaurants and property development companies on a wide range of hospitality projects.

We provide complimentary graphic design services, 3D renderings, sample development with no minimum orders or hidden fees. Our team has assisted in the design of customized furniture pieces, tabletop items, hospitality pieces and much more for some of the most recognized hotels, restaurants, retailers and wholesalers in the world.  We work with project managers to develop an end-to-end solution for furniture and accessory items for hotel, villa, restaurant and other related hospitality projects all over the world.

Sourcing Indonesia - Project Works
Sourcing Indonesia - ISO certified


As an ISO 9001 certified company working with clients from all over the world, we fully understand the standard of work product, levels of efficiency and standards of quality that you expect from your vendors.  As your partner we make the job of sourcing and buying in Indonesia easy. 


At Sourcing Indonesia we mostly deal with full container load orders but are more than happy to discuss with clients about smaller LCL orders. The same attention to detail, planning and high quality services are given to all of our clients regardless of the volume of their orders.

Sourcing Indonesia - Small MOQ
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