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Sourcing Indonesia

Established in 2000, Sourcing Indonesia is an ISO 9001 certified company specializing in sourcing, product and sample development, order management, quality control, and shipping/consolidation services for retail and wholesale furniture buyers from around the world.

Operating from offices in Java and Bali, our team of over 50 professionals delivers an unparalleled end-to-end solution in Indonesia. Whether you're a newcomer to the Indonesian market or have been buying in Indonesia for years, Sourcing Indonesia is dedicated to enhancing each client’s supplier base, quality standards, and capacity. Our professional services focus on realizing your long-term goals and targets.

We serve a range of clients, including retail and wholesale buyers, hospitality entities, interior designers, project managers, and custom product procurement firms. Sourcing Indonesia strives to provide clients with the most professional sourcing and order management services in Indonesia. Our enduring client relationships attest to the value-added services we offer.

As an innovative and ethical company, we actively engage with local communities across Indonesia ensuring that all factories and suppliers comply with social, ethical, and environmental best practices. We have worked with the World Bank Group and other non-profit based organizations in the past on export promotion programs and other locally based initiatives. We have extensive knowledge of the Indonesian export market and are proud of our Indonesian roots as a business.

Meet The TEAM

ETHICAL Standards

Sourcing Indonesia - Bali Team

Sourcing Indonesia works hard to ensure we meet the ethical trading standards we have set for ourselves. We believe that long-term equally beneficial business relationships are the key to success, not only between ours company and our clients but also between our company and the suppliers we work with.


We do not believe there is a conflict of interest between protecting the long-term interests of our clients and ensuring the welfare of those at the manufacturing stage of the value chain. We only work with factories, suppliers and manufacturers that meet the following conditions:

· Employment is freely chosen

· Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected

· Working conditions meet safety and hygiene regulations

· No child labor or forced labor is tolerated

· Fair and living wages are paid

· Working hours are not excessive, overtime is paid for, and is within the law

· No discrimination whatsoever is practiced

· Regular employment is provided, where applicable

· No harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

· Capacity is built throughout the supply chain

· Fair trading relationships are in place

· Sustainable use of raw materials and limited/offset negative environmental impact are a key component of the business operations.

Supply Chain FOCUS




Product & Sample Development


Packaging &




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We understand that we are not the only agent out there, and that you have a variety of options when selecting a partner. At Sourcing Indonesia we are focused on building just that – genuine partnerships with our clients. We work with our clients over the long-term helping them grow their supplier base and order capacity in Indonesia.  


At the core of our business philosophy are fundamental principles: professionalism, value, quality, speed, and transparency. Transparency in particular is essential to our business and that is also the case when it comes to our fees.  We operate on a percentage fee basis with our clients and do not take any commission or fees from factories or suppliers. For a comprehensive discussion regarding our services and fees, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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